Here is how your DJ can mess-up your wedding!

 A disco-jockey is not only limited to the music he plays at your wedding, but may be responsible for more things than you know! A DJ can be very happening in clubs, fests and other public events, but might not be the best wedding DJ in Chennai. A DJ for weddings needs to be one that understands the emotions and theme of each ceremony. If you happened to pick the wrong DJ, here is what could happen:

1.Chances of your first dance getting the highlight it deserves

A first dance is extremely special and deserves spotlight. If your DJ is not used to catering for weddings, he might announce your first dance out of the blue, thus losing focus on the lights, paparazzi and videography that is supposed to be on you!

2.Your guests are too shy to get on the dance floor

A great DJ is one who can make people break through all inhibitions and get them on the dance floor regardless of their demographics. If you only see youngsters on the floor, then you have got a club DJ at your wedding. And if you have only your uncles and aunties shaking a leg, your DJ is too boring. Hire the best DJ for your sangeet and get the party rolling!

3.Out of control

Of course, we want everyone to have a good time at your wedding. However, there is a fine line between a good time and the night is over. If your DJ goes overboard with his Disco music skills, this might turn to be more of a scene taken out from a club rather than a wedding. You want people to remember the real reason why they are there, don’t you?

4.Equipment failure

A DJ is nothing without his equipment and is only as good as his instruments. If your DJ happens to have invested in bad quality equipment that can give up anytime, you might as well not hire him. Ensure that your DJ package is a complete one and they both go hand in hand.