1.What are your charges?

Since we design packages according to
our client’s needs, our charge for each varies from one another. You could pick
your options from a range of Rs.10,000 up to Rs.2.5 lakhs.

2.What are the packages available?

We have 3 different packages; basic,
standard and premium when it comes to the production end of music and equipment
handling. However, when it comes to booking artistes, DJ’s and emcees the price
varies depending on who you pick. We can make customised plans according to
your budget and needs as well.

3.What is the standard of equipment that you use?

We only import equipment of top class
quality from the best brands around the world. For example: all our sound
equipment are JBL, BOSS, etc.

4.What is your experience in the field?

We have worked with 1800+ events in
our 5 years of experience in this industry. To know more, you can check out our
photos, videos and reviews online on facebook or google. We are undoubtedly
provide the best DJ services in Chennai and also

5.What is the mode of payment? And do you collect any advances.

We have a list of modes through which
you can pay. We will share them with you when you contact and finalise your
requirements with us. Yes, we take a 50% advance.

6.Do you only cater to parties or any kind of events?

There is not one kind of event that
we do not cater to. Be it Chennai wedding DJ, birthdays, sangeet, cocktail,
culturals, fests or just a casual party, we do them all at your own budget.

7.Other than music selection and DJ’s, what else do you offer?

Our services do not just end with the
manpower and music. We also provide high grade equipment for the show such as
speakers, mics and LED screens. We take care of your entire production side of
entertainment. We also offer light music orchestras in Chennai.

8.Can you get us the celebrity artist that we are looking for?

You wouldn’t have to look apart from
the list of artistes we already have in store for you. However, if you have
someone in mind who is not on our list, we can get them on board for your

9.Can you customize packages?

Yes, we can completely customise the
package according to your needs and budgets, while not compromising on quality.

 10.Where can we know more about you?

While our website tells you everything you need to know, you can even contact us to know more. The best way to know more about us would be to read the review



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