If you’ve planning your wedding or if you’ve been helping a friend plan a wedding then you would have come across several videos on the internet of groomsmen killing it with sick dance moves. This is a trend across the globe and it’s all for the beautiful bride on her big day. Yes, the groom and the groomsmen choreograph a creative set of dance moves to lighten the mood and keep the bride cheerful. There are several videos on the internet of some of the best groom and groomsmen dances and we’ve picked out a handful for you to check out.

1.The unexpected song – The songs starts off with a hip hop track and you can see some serious face sitting in the back just before the troop gathers to dance. Once the real song starts to play – a catchy and nostalgic hindi tune, everyone breaks into laughter including the bride. Having an unexpected song can really turn things around in a serious atmosphere.

2. Popular songs – This group of groomsmen decided to go confident and rowdy with a whole bunch of popular songs. The bride awes and coos through the whole performance it is an incredibly adorable performance by some very well coordinated boys. They just have fun with it and this is what helps people around them get pumped up.

3. Fusion tracks for the win – No matter how much we love western music, the Indian inside of us wants regional music that’s close to your hearts and homes. Nothing wins over a crowd like a regional track followed by western music and a continued fusion of the two genres. Here’s a group of boys at a Sangeet dancing to super fun fusion tracks and getting the crowd all riled up as they go on. Pure attitude and the right moves set the right mood.

4. The surprise dance – Every bride loves a good surprise, especially on her wedding day. This groom starts off with a speech, gets into a song and suddenly breaks into dance. His groomsmen start to appear from behind as he goes on and its soon a party on the dance floor. The bride glows throughout their performance and its overall just a real fun dance to watch.

5. Mixing up tradition – Not everyone marries someone from the same country. In such cases, it is totally okay for the groomsmen to dance to the tunes of both the bride and groom’s homelands. Here are a group of groomsmen doing just that.

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