So you’re getting hitched and you want to party like a rockstar when the ceremony is over. Your friends made a mixtape of songs and passed it onto the person in charge of sound.  But things soon go downhill. There are audio problems and some songs aren’t what you want at your wedding. Guests aren’t dancing and the vibe just doesn’t feel right. Here’s where a professional DJ comes in.

DJs for wedding functions are usually well accustomed to how a wedding is conducted. A DJ can really get things lit and moving. We do just that. We are professional wedding DJs in Tamilnadu and we can help you have the perfect music for your perfect wedding.

Here are some tips from experienced wedding DJs for a Christian wedding

  1. Save time on introductions – When the reception starts out someone from either the bride’s or groom’s family steps on stage to introduce the family members. Nowadays a DJ can do this as soon as the family walks into the hall. This saves a lot of time for fun and dancing.
  2. The First and most important dance – The bride and groom take center stage. A romantic song plays in the background and the two swoon over each other. But not in most cases. Sometimes the couple may be nervous. After the first few minutes of the song the DJ will usually get the rest of the crowd onto the floor to break the ice. The photographer can now get some awesome shots for the wedding album.
  3. The Toast – The DJ usually has equipment set up that can be used by the best man, maid of honor or parents of the couple. This is usually a slow and emotional part of the wedding. Soft music could play in the background to suit the mood.
  4. Dinner time – Guests would be hungry by now! Children are running around and playing. The photographer is taking pictures of the bride and groom with their friends and family at the same time. All of this needs to be accompanied by lively and positive music to make the perfect wedding video.
  5. Time to party – Once dinner is over, the mood picks up. It’s time for everyone to dance away all of that extra food they just went for. This calls for trendy upbeat music that everybody loves!

So that’s our secret to pulling off the perfect music for a Christian wedding. If you’re looking for professional DJs for weddings in Tamil Nadu, get in touch with us today! We are professional wedding DJs in Chennai and we can cater to all types of weddings!